Picks and Pans – In and Around Minneapolis, MN

My dad grew up in Minnesota, and so a lot of his childhood stories involve tunneling through snow to make epic forts, skating up a river with the roving horde of neighborhood kids and generally making mischief in a land of snow and ice. I had never had the pleasure of being in Minnesota during […]

Picks and Pans – Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas is a strange, strange place. People spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to fly in from all over the world, stay in hotels and drop oodles of money into machines and onto felt table cloths. And for what? To get drunk and watch blinky lights and strippers? For my dollar I’d just […]

Picks and Pans – In and Around L.A.

PICKS: Thanksgiving weekend with friends

I never really thought that L.A. would be one of the spots on the trip that would feel like a temporary home, but thanks to our friends Norbert, Yolanda, Xavier, Michael, Judith, Teddy, Charlene and Aaron, we had a Thanksgiving weekend surrounded by loving, generous, intelligent friends that made us […]

Picks and Pans – San Francisco/Bay Area, Part II


The first Tuesday of every month is the free day at most San Francisco museums and, being that we are enthusiasts of both free things and museums, we were pretty happy to partake in the November day of gratis museum going. Being at a museum on the free day is especially pleasurable because […]

Picks and Pans – British Columbia, Canada

PICKS: Granville Island, Vancouver

Granville Island is a fairly touristy conglomeration of a pricey farmers’ market, some knick-knack/toy/t-shirt/souvenir shops, sprinkled in with a few art galleries and locally owned boutiques. Although this wouldn’t normally be our kind of gig, it does have a great pier for sitting in the sun near the water. It was […]