Picks and Pans – In and Around L.A.

PICKS: Thanksgiving weekend with friends

I never really thought that L.A. would be one of the spots on the trip that would feel like a temporary home, but thanks to our friends Norbert, Yolanda, Xavier, Michael, Judith, Teddy, Charlene and Aaron, we had a Thanksgiving weekend surrounded by loving, generous, intelligent friends that made us […]

Picks and Pans – Pismo Beach and Shell Beach, CA

PICKS: Pismo Beach

Although at first glance there doesn’t seem to be anything special about it, Pismo Beach is a solidly good beach. Nice sand, hardly any trash blowing around, lots of space and just enough people for good people watching, but not so many that it seems crowded. Plus, it was warm enough in […]

Picks and Pans – Monterey, CA

PICKS: Fisherman’s Wharf

While in Monterey, we spent almost all of our time on the bay, starting with lunch on the wharf. We packed up some food, walked down the creaky planks to the end of the wharf and ate while listening to the local fisherman assess the probability of a good catch for the […]

Picks and Pans – British Columbia, Canada

PICKS: Granville Island, Vancouver

Granville Island is a fairly touristy conglomeration of a pricey farmers’ market, some knick-knack/toy/t-shirt/souvenir shops, sprinkled in with a few art galleries and locally owned boutiques. Although this wouldn’t normally be our kind of gig, it does have a great pier for sitting in the sun near the water. It was […]

Picks and Pans – Alberta, Canada

PICKS: Luczak Lab at Canadian Centre for Behavioral Neuroscience, Lethbridge, AB

Far away, in the central Albertan plains of Lethbridge, there is a neuroscience revolution happening. The University of Lethbridge is collecting a cadre of hardworking neuroscientists to take over the world (or maybe just publish a bunch of papers), among them is our friend […]