Picks and Pans – Chicago, IL


Cafe Bernard

We rolled into Chicago in the early evening and pulled up to the family home of our friend, Brian. Not long after walking in the door, I realized that this family had created the type of home in which anyone and everyone is made to feel welcome. Even though it was the […]

Picks and Pans – San Francisco/Bay Area, Part II


The first Tuesday of every month is the free day at most San Francisco museums and, being that we are enthusiasts of both free things and museums, we were pretty happy to partake in the November day of gratis museum going. Being at a museum on the free day is especially pleasurable because […]

Picks and Pans – Around Mono Lake


Mono Lake County Park

Our first stop at Mono Lake was actually on Los Angeles city property that is being leased to Mono County for use as a park. For those of you not acquainted with the decades long controversy surrounding Mono Lake, that may be confusing, so let me explain. L.A. has long […]

Picks and Pans – Chico, CA

PICKS: Bidwell Park

Bidwell Park offers many good reasons to spend your day outdoors — a huge natural swimming pool formed by damming the creek that runs through the park, large shady fields for lounging, picnicing or playing and miles of trail for walking, jogging or biking. We managed to spend two afternoons with fellow […]

Picks and Pans – In and around Arcata, CA


Ruby Van Deventer County Park in Del Norte County, CA

Due to California’s state budget crisis, their state park campgrounds now charge the astronomical rate of $35 per night (not including showers or any other extras). Lucky for us, Del Norte County has either done a better job managing their budget or they haven’t […]