Picks and Pans – Monterey, CA

Fisherman’s Wharf

While in Monterey, we spent almost all of our time on the bay, starting with lunch on the wharf. We packed up some food, walked down the creaky planks to the end of the wharf and ate while listening to the local fisherman assess the probability of a good catch for the day. From where I sat, chances didn’t seem that good, since the main preoccupation of the fishermen seemed to be talking, untangling their lines and playing with one of the guys’ tiny new puppy, but that probably just illustrates my ignorance of all things fishing.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Growing up in an entirely landlocked state, I had never been to an aquarium until we got to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and my maiden voyage into the world of aquariums was monumental. Their enormous tanks are the closest I have ever come to diving into the deep and I think to do better I would have to don some scuba gear and get out into the ocean Jacques Cousteau style. There were so many otherworldly, beautiful organisms, it was a reminder of what an amazing thing it is to live on our planet.So, I guess you could say I liked it.
Sean says: The Monterey Bay Aquarium is phenomenal! I’ve also been to the Atlanta Aquarium, which is generally agreed to be its greatest rival in the U.S. The fact is that they are both spectacular in different ways. Atlanta has a giant tank with a whale, giant rays and a host of other fish that is just stunning to view. While Monterey doesn’t have a whale tank, it has several large tanks that are awe inspiring along with lots great smaller exhibits including jellies and seahorses and many other wonders of the sea that naturally live in the immediately adjacent Monterey Bay.

East Village Coffee Lounge

East Village Coffee Lounge is a labyrinthine place with plenty of nooks and crannies for your coffee drinking and internet-ing needs. They even have a fireplace (and for all you Montanans out there…yes, it does occasionally get cold enough in Monterey to have a fire).

2 comments to Picks and Pans – Monterey, CA

  • Janet Rosner

    Awesome aquarium photos–I especially liked the “purple-striped jellies.”

    • Thanks, Mom! That’s my favorite too!
      It’s tough shooting in the low light at the aquarium, but it’s nice they do a good job reducing glare off the tanks.

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