As we embark on this journey, we are profoundly grateful for the luxury that this trip affords us to pause and reflect. To make the most of this opportunity, we’ve begun to think of questions that we would like to ask ourselves and others as we wander into new territory.

And, in this quest for questions, we would appreciate your input.

What are some important questions you ask yourself?
Or would like someone to ask you?
Or wish you could have asked yourself in a previous stage of life?
Or want to ask someone else in your life?

Give us some ideas in the “Leave a Reply” section below.

11 comments to Questions

  • What is the most important thing you’ve learned in the last year? 5 years? How has this changed your thinking/decision making?

  • brian

    these questions feel like an interview
    …i guess we’re interviewing for our lives?
    we should interview ourselves and each other more!

    • Exactly!
      If you were interviewing someone for the job of making the big decisions in your life, what would you want to ask ’em to determine their qualifications?

  • What was an experience that led you to reevaluate the direction of your life?

  • What are the most important priorities in your life?
    How have these priorities changed in the last 10 years?
    How do you incorporate these priorities into your daily life and into the critical decisions in your life?

  • What are some of the biggest compromises you’ve made in your life?

  • What are some of the most difficult decisions you’ve made?
    What was your process for making these decisions?
    How has your decision making process evolved?

  • Ben Jacob

    What are your 3 (or 5) most critical factors in choosing a place to live?

  • Abby St. Lawrence

    Sean, your first question got me thinking, and it’s just taken me a while to get a post up. The last time I’ve seriously thought about how the choices I have made have shaped my life was when I was writing my vows just before Sten’s and my wedding. All the choices that I had made in my life, perhaps even particularly some of the poorer choices, led me to a series of events that ended up with me meeting Sten and eventually marrying him. What I came to realize while I was writing my vows was that what makes a bigger difference is not so much the choices that I make, but how I choose to deal with the consequences and rewards of those choices. I admire you and Erica for opening yourselves up to the chance for many choices and for being brave enough to take life on without predicatability. I think you’ll be stronger for it in the end.

  • What are your short- and long-term dreams?
    How have they changed over the last 10+ years?

  • What was a critical juncture in your life?
    How has the choice you made shaped your life?
    How would your life be different had you chosen another path?

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