About the LGRT

Through the twentieth century the road trip came to be a defining icon of the American spirit. The open road — the freedom to take destiny by the reins and find a place in a wide land.

As we head into our fourth decade of life and finish up a decade together, we begin a 6 8 10 month life-long pilgrimage around North America. With the comments and suggestions of our family and friends, we aim to discover the gems of nature, culture and entertainment across this great land. We hope to catch up with family and friends scattered about the continent and meet interesting people to discuss the creative ways they have shaped their course and the lessons they have learned. Most of all, bringing to a close the formal education era of our lives (17 combined years of higher ed!), we want to have some fun and reflect on our journey as we pave our way to new destinations and directions for our life.

Moving forward into the 21st century, with the ever expanding e-life, growing energy crisis, and quantum teleportation surely just around the corner (beam me up, Scotty!), the fate of the great American road trip lies in uncertain terms. We thus set out to make this trip of the grandest proportion and celebrate many new beginnings as we reach the end of an era in our lives and possibly in our time.

We look forward to all your suggestions! (see suggestions tab at the top of the page)

-Sean & Erica
(a.k.a. The Po’ Green Trash of the Trailership Galaxy)

Po' Green Trash of the Trailership Gallery

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