Picks and Pans – In and around Ashland, OR

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Oregon Shakespeare Festival is sort of a misnomer, as most festivals are temporary and relatively fleeting presences in a town. The OSF runs from February through November, occupies multiple permanent buildings in town, including the U.S.’s first Elizabethan Theater (a la the Globe), and brings in the major income source for the […]

Picks and Pans – From Portland to Crater Lake

Western Cascade Scenic Byway

It would be a simple matter to convince yourself that anything of importance in Oregon is along I-5, and many people do just that, which makes all the other amazing byways through the state that much better by mere fact that they’re almost unpopulated. Thanks to Sean’s penchant for studying the […]

Picks and Pans – In and around Portland

Sean and I each spent four years in Portland, with two of those years overlapping, so coming back was kind of like putting on an old, comfortable pair of jeans. I just slipped right in as though it had been a week and not a decade.

Ned Ludd

Our first night in Portland, Margot and […]

Picks and Pans – Central Oregon

Following the Greatest of Unions celebration, we joined forces with our friends Katya, Peter, Romi and Nika (here after referred to as KaPeRoNi) to venture out into the volcanic magnificence of central Oregon.


Lava Lands at Newberry National Volcanic Monument

Apparently the middle of Oregon is one big volcano just waiting to explode […]

Picks and Pans – Oregon Coast

PICKS: Yachats

Oregon beach towns often have a thin veneer of small town kitschiness covering the blatant commercialism that keeps the town alive and running. Read: you go for the ocean, you leave with a bunch of crap and a lot less money. Yachats, however, has been able to maintain itself without inundating visitors with […]