Picks and Pans – Whirlwind trip through Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado


Highway 60 from Globe to Show Low, AZ

After much too brief of a stop at my sister Vanessa’s house, we began a new phase of the road trip — the all driving, minimal stopping, hauling of our behinds to get across the country in time to spend Christmas with my grandparents in western […]

Picks and Pans – In and around Portland

Sean and I each spent four years in Portland, with two of those years overlapping, so coming back was kind of like putting on an old, comfortable pair of jeans. I just slipped right in as though it had been a week and not a decade.

Ned Ludd

Our first night in Portland, Margot and […]

Picks and Pans – Denver, CO

Denver was a bit of a surprise. After spending time in Utah and continually wishing for more time to explore, we had hopes that we might find a new home in the vicinity, but didn’t think our chances were very good. Driving alongside a river of whitewater, through the picturesque Rockies on our way in […]

Picks, Pans and Other: Between the Grand Canyon and Needles

Meh, it was OK: Page Lake Powell Campground, Page, AZ

Page Lake Powell Campground was the kind of place we sometimes have to stop because we want a shower. It was an RV park. It had a shower. It was en route to where we wanted to go (Canyonlands). That’s about it. Sean says: Though […]

Picks and Pans – North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Don’t let the scant information available on the Park Service website fool you, the North Rim is incredible and has plenty of things to keep you occupied. Plus, the majority of people going to the Grand Canyon seem to head over to the south side (est. 90% according to National Geographic Scenic Highways & Byways), […]