Moving Back to The West

Although Erica and I love New York City — all the culture, diversity, energy, and constant renewal — I think we’ve always thought somewhere in the back of our minds that we would probably move back West at some point. Interestingly, as it turns out that, “the West” isn’t actually one place. It’s a huge […]

The Road Trip is a State of Mind

After many years on hiatus, we’re reviving to catalog, reflect on, and share our latest adventures!

7 years ago it was all too easy to slip back into the busy trappings of everyday life and backseat the retelling and reflection on our travels. Â The official end to the post-PhD road trip was […]

Is it still Great?

We’ve come to a fork in the last great road trip… a crossroads between what we see and how we see it. To “go straight” onto our charted course would mean barreling ahead on an ambitious and probably somewhat frenetic “buffet” approach to the trip, spending 1-2 days in most places. To “turn” would mean […]

Why does it Tour’n me off?

Something about tourism makes me want to puke. Though I’ve had this feeling for years, planning to be a tourist for the next 7 months has finally prompted some self-examination to better understand its roots… so here are some thoughts… Tourists are consume-jerk robots and I seldom enjoy being around them or in any way […]

One month on the road is enough!

… for some people, but we’re having the time of our lives! Living in our van is super! A sparing budget dictates limited nighttime bathrooms in the city and showers can become a principle around which our travels organize, but we live a supremely decadent life. Go where we want to go, do what we […]