Picks and Pans – Santa Cruz, CA

PICKS: Taqueria La Cabana

In the land of the taqueria, otherwise known as California, it seems a bit remiss to recommend any one over the other because nearly all of them serve up yummilicious grub. I would say that Taqueria La Cabana falls in the acceptable, but not outrageously good part of the yummy […]

Picks and Pans – Napa Valley

PICKS: St. Helena Chamber of Commerce

Although their website is, frankly, uninformative, the staff at St. Helena Chamber of Commerce was helpful in the utmost. We got recommendations on wineries and good bike routes to take between the wineries, all delivered in the friendliest of manners.

Crane Park in St. Helena, CA

Located close to […]

Picks and Pans – San Francisco/Bay Area, Part II


The first Tuesday of every month is the free day at most San Francisco museums and, being that we are enthusiasts of both free things and museums, we were pretty happy to partake in the November day of gratis museum going. Being at a museum on the free day is especially pleasurable because […]

Picks and Pans – San Francisco/Bay Area, Part I

PICKS: Sufficient Grounds in Berkeley

A GPS is a useful gadget, but its utility is greatly limited by the fact that the world (and especially infrastructure) is continually changing, while the GPS’s maps are not. Let’s say, for example, the Bay Bridge is closed, but your GPS doesn’t know about this and is assuredly leading […]

Picks and Pans – Mammoth Lakes, CA

PICKS: Stellar Brew

Mammoth Lakes is a serious ski town, really an all around mountain sports town, and there is no greater evidence of this than the morning conversations at Stellar Brew. Locals gussied up in their down and fleece come by for their morning caffeine fix and stop to discuss climbing/hiking/mountain biking plans for […]