Picks and Pans – Columbia River Gorge

I’ve driven through the Columbia River Gorge more times than I can remember (going to Reed or returning home to Montana), but I’ve never had much occasion to stop. Luckily, on this trip, we had a reason to linger. Our Reed psychology professor (and Sean’s thesis advisor), Dell, lives with her husband Will in White Salmon, Washington right along the north side of the gorge. We spent a relaxing evening catching up over dinner and reveling in the view of Mount Hood from Dell and Will’s living room window. Thanks, you two, and hopefully next time it won’t take us 10 years to make it back by your way!

walk to Wahclella Falls

Thanks to Dell and Will’s expertise in all things gorge, we made our way directly from their house to Wahclella Falls. A short hike from the parking lot brought us to the base of the sparkling falls, where a deep, clear pool had us wishing it was warm enough to go swimming.

Multnomah Falls

Historically (at least in my personal history), Multnomah Falls is a requisite stop on the way into Portland. I mean, if you’re going to stop to get water, use the facilities, or get something to eat, you might as well do it next to an enormous waterfall, right? This time was no different. We desperately needed a water refill and there was Multnomah Falls, waiting for us in all its waterfallness glory.

2 comments to Picks and Pans – Columbia River Gorge

  • Ron Merritt

    When stopping at White Salmon, I am wondering whether have you driven up over the hill n.e. to visit the St. Lawrence family graves at Centerville, including graves of George B and Janette St. Lawrence, your great2 grandfather.

  • Abby St. Lawrence

    The pictures of your post-Great Union road trip around Oregon are great. I can’t wait to hear the story behind the fossil beds. I’ve never been there, but have always wanted to go. Tell me if it’s worth the trip.

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